Egypt blocks 21 websites, including Al Jazeera

Authorities in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates even blocked the main website of Qatar's al-Jazeera television, which both Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have often griped is critical of their governments.

Qatar's official news agency reported on Tuesday that Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani criticized renewed tensions with Tehran, expressed understanding for the Palestinian Hamas movement and Tehran's ally Hezbollah and suggested Trump might not last long in power.

Qatar supports the Muslim Brotherhood, which is banned by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.

"Qatar is always in favour of maintaining strong and brotherly relations with GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries", he said.

The hacking attack on QNA's website and attributing false statements to HH the Emir is without doubt a cyber crime, he said, adding that Qatar will not rush to issue the results until the investigation is over.

At the same time, Doha-based broadcaster Al-Jazeera was unavailable for some time in the UAE, though it was not clear if it was blocked on goal.

Huffington Post's Arabic edition, Masr al-Arabiya, Arabi 21 News, Rassd Nws, Ikhwan Online, Aswat Masriya and others were also blocked by authorities for allegedly "supporting terrorism", according to journalists on social media platform, Twitter.

One article quoted Sheikh Tamim as calling Iran an "Islamic power" and saying Qatar's relations with Israel were "good", the Associated Press news agency reports.

Qatar, ruled by a Sunni monarchy, denied that Al-Thani made the comments, arguing that its state media outlet was targeted by hackers.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the alleged hack.

However, there are no official comments available in the matter.

The Al Udeid Military Base in Qatar is governed by an agreement between Qatar and the United States of America, he said, noting in case of the occurrence of anything related to this matter, it will be subject to the terms of the agreement.

"The official further said that it is clear this shameful cybercrime was instigated and perpetrated with malicious intent", it said in a statement.

In March 2014, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar in protest over Doha's alleged interference in their affairs. "Qatar likes to write this off as a campaign based on lies and ulterior motives, but if Qatar didn't has the sort of problematic record it has, it wouldn't be the target for this".

  • Leroy Wright