British Police Decry Apparent US Leaks Of Manchester Attack Evidence

The United States is facing growing criticism from UK lawmakers over leaks to USA media about the ongoing investigation into Monday night's deadly bombing of a pop concert in Manchester. "We have had communication at the highest level of our government - we are determined to identify these leaks and to stop them". How will this event affect the future flow of information between the United Kingdom and US?

Tillerson and Johnson will also sign a condolence book for the victims of the Manchester attack.

The GMP shares its information with National Counter-Terrorism, which then shares the information throughout the British government and the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand as part of an agreement.

Donald Trump has ordered a review into how sensitive material relating to the Manchester terror attack that was shared across the Atlantic by British intelligence officials was leaked to the U.S. media.

In a written statement, Trump described the leaks as "deeply troubling".

Arriving at the summit she told reporters the "special relationship" with the United States on intelligence sharing is based on trust.

His statement came just before Theresa May confronted him about the issue as the pair were waiting for the traditional group photograph of world leaders at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said that only intelligence relating to the Manchester probe had been suspended, adding that "we quite frankly can't afford to risk it any more".

British police stopped sharing information about the Manchester suicide bombing with the United States on Thursday after leaks to US media that police said had risked compromising their investigations.

There have been multiple arrests and other significant developments in the Manchester bombing investigation.

"As it stands, 10 people in total have been arrested in connection with the investigation, of which a man and a woman have since been released without charge".

Eight men remain in custody in Britain, most arrested in and around Manchester, including three men near the house where Abedi lived.

The bomber's father, Ramadan Abedi insisted in an interview with The Associated Press that Salman had no links to militants, saying "we don't believe in killing innocents".

Police on Thursday continued to raid locations across the city, convinced the bombmaker could still be on the loose.

Speaking on the BBC's Today programme on Wednesday morning, Home Secretary Amber Rudd described the move as "irritating" and said they had been "very clear" with USA officials that no more leaks of sensitive information should take place.

Trump has often gone on the attack against "leakers", but that desire to turn off the tap has been uniformly related to people who spill information about his own misstatements, misdeeds, and deceptions.

It is also not the first intelligence snafu that has come out of the administration.

The episode follows last week's revelation that Trump personally divulged highly classified information in an Oval Office meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister that could have compromised an Israeli intelligence asset. But the issue becomes more sensitive when matters involve national security.

"At no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed and the President did not disclose any military operations that weren't already publicly known", he said.

  • Leroy Wright