Woman Fights Off Car Thief at Gas Pump

Marian wrote on Facebook that there were multiple suspects involved in the carjacking attempt, and that they were laughing at her during the encounter.

Check out the video below to see Smith jump on the hood and slam her fist onto the windshield. The thief eventually gave up, jumping out of Smith's vehicle and took off in a nearby getaway auto. But now let's talk about a woman named Melissa Smith and what she did.

The man eventually gave up and fled - leaving the auto in gear - which forced Smith to jump into her moving vehicle and break it before it crashed.

"He looked at me, and he laughed at me, which really irritated me", Smith said. And although Smith wanted to run after him to get her purse, she knew she had to stop the auto. "Isn't the smartest safety thing, but went with my instinct", Smith said.

The auto jacker clearly tries to get Smith off the vehicle by breaking, but he eventually gives up, grabs Smith's purse off the floor and jets.

After a few seconds, the carjacker jumped out of the vehicle, leaving it in gear.

"I'm glad people are seeing [the video] and know this can happen to anybody, anywhere". So I tried to stop it, but I obviously I couldn't, ' she said.

With the man behind the wheel, Smith leaped onto the hood of her vehicle. Melissa wasn't budging, "he was laughing while I was on my auto and he was trying to throw me off". Do I go after my purse or do I stop my auto.

The suspects are still at large, but police who arrived on the scene fingerprinted Smith's vehicle.

"They laughed at me". The suspect, according to her Facebook post, managed to get away with her wallet and phone. "But it's just like you get told by your mom when you're a kid, "If everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you do it too?"

  • Zachary Reyes