Venezuela May Hold Constituent Assembly Elections in July - Electoral Council

Up to 55 people have been killed during unrest in the past two months.

Fresh riots broke out on Monday evening in the capital and Barinas.

This position was made public one day after it was reported that the United States had imposed sanctions on the chief judge and seven other members of Venezuela's Supreme Court as punishment for annulling the opposition-led Congress earlier this year.

Almost 20.000 officials from the health system headed to the Caracas Ministry of Health while the guards were struggling to keep them away from the gates of the institution. Police fired tear gas to drive them back, in scenes that have become familiar after weeks of unrest.

"The country is heading for a catastrophe".

After almost two months of massive anti-government rallies demanding early presidential elections, fissures have appeared in the hitherto publicly homogenous socialist administration.

"A simple infection can turn into something serious for a lack of antibiotics and any kind of supplies, and for a lack of maintenance of the equipment", said Eliecer Melear, a 41-year-old urologist.

Current President Maduro has tried to paint a different mask on the counter movement in his country. "We are grateful to a show support for dialogue which the government has asked as a means of solving internal problems", she said in response to a question from News Source Guyana.

In the southeastern city of Puerto Ordaz, the president of a state-run company was "kidnapped", beaten up, and stripped naked by protesters, the government said.

The system will provide dollars within a price range determined by the central bank, Economy and Finance Minister Ramon Lobo told a news conference, without specifying the range.

Opposition lawmakers called a session for yesterday to discuss the violence.

Maduro accuses the opposition of plotting a coup against him with USA backing.

He says the crisis is the result of an global conspiracy backed by the United States.

The government and opposition accuse each other of sending armed groups to sow violence during demonstrations.

A man was set alight on Sunday at a demo by an angry crowd who accused him of thieving. Speaking on television, the president identified the man as Orlando Figuera, 21.

Maduro has branded the opposition "terrorists" and is resisting their calls for a vote on removing him from power.

"It is pretty symbolic that the citizens are venting their frustrations on the author of the Bolivarian revolution", said Eric Farnsworth, vice president of the Council of the Americas, reports DC McClatchy.

"What Nicolas Maduro has announced is nothing but a continuation of a coup against the constitution", said the opposition speaker of the legislature, Julio Borges.

Riots and looting have raised risks that protests could spin out of control, given the widespread hunger, anger at Maduro and easy access to weapons in one of the world's most violent countries.

He said there would be more "street action" and called for a march opposing the constituent assembly to be held on Wednesday.

  • Leroy Wright