Trump to the Israelis and Palestinians: Let's Make a Deal

U.S. President Donald Trump talked up the prospects of peace between Israelis and Palestinians on Tuesday, saying he believed both sides were committed to an historic deal, but he offered no concrete proposals on how to get there.

As Daniel pointed out, Trump came face to face with a major symbol of Israel's occupation during his journey to Bethlehem this morning "when his motorcade sped through a gap in the Israeli separation barrier that separates Israel from the West Bank". Speaking at the Israel Museum, he declared both sides were ready to move forward, though there were no tangible signs of the dormant peace process being revived. Trump called for a coalition of partners of the nations of the world "who share the aim of stamping out extremists", and said diverse nations can unite around such a goal.

He stressed that such a potential peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians would trigger a cascade effect throughout the Middle East.

Trump arrived in Bethlehem in a motorcade, crossing a checkpoint at Israel's controversial separation wall, and was greeted by Abbas and other dignitaries outside the presidential palace, The Washington Examiner reported.

"I am confident that under your leadership, the remarkable alliance between Israel and the United States will become ever greater, ever stronger".

President Donald Trump voiced optimism today about a peace accord between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, but Florida Sen.

"So many young, lovely innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life", Mr. Trump said.

"Iran calls for the destruction of Israel".

Meanwhile, in his speech at the airport, Trump said: "I am deeply grateful for your invitation and very, very honoured to be with you..."

"President Abbas assures me he is ready to work towards that goal in good faith, and Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu has promised the same".

"Iran's leaders routinely call for Israel's destruction - not with Donald J. Trump". "He did not weigh in Israeli settlements, the status of Jerusalem or even whether the US would continue to insist on a two-state solution giving the Palestinians sovereign territory".

During his brief stay the USA leader met with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, visited Christian and Jewish holy sites in Jerusalem, paid respects at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and made an optimistic - yet somewhat vague - Mideast peace speech at the Israel Museum.

It is still early to figure out what to make of Donald Trump's visit to Israel, as the U.S. president is known to make extemporaneous statements that may not accurately reflect his policy positions. "But they're losers, just remember that".

"I'd like to draw attention to our Palestinian hunger-strikers", Palestinian leader said during his joint news conference with Trump, also mentioning the issue.

  • Leroy Wright