The first run of Tejas Express gets lot of damage

It is no secret that most people in India lack civic sense, and any new facility given by the government or private sectors soon becomes a headache for civic authorities simply because people fail to maintain cleanliness.

However, the state of affairs of the train's interiors, when it returned to Mumbai, was shocking for the railway official.

When the train finally embarked on its much-awaited maiden trip from Mumbai on May 22, the excitement among passengers knew no bounds.

Running at an average speed of 130 kmph, this train's design is quite impressive, with its automatic entrance door and orange graffiti exterior.

The train, manufactured at the Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala boasts of cuisine curated by celebrity chefs, tea and coffee vending machines and individual LCD screens.

As per the report, at least 12 high-quality headphones that were provided along with the infotainment screens were missing or stolen, said railway officials. Some screens were found scratched.A passenger, who travelled on the train the second day, said the train was not properly cleaned. Train's Executive Chair auto seats have an adjustable headrest, comfortable arm supports, and is even offering airline-like leg support. "Toilets too were unclean".

According to a Deccan Chronicle report, Railway activist Nirmal Tikamgarh and ex-Divisional Railway User Consultative Committee, who was also present at the inauguration which saw the train set off on its maiden journey on May 22 from Mumbai, says that any kind of littering or acts of vandalism should not be tolerated by the railway authorities.

Prabhu said, "After Humsafar, Antyodaya, Deen Dayalu it is now Tejas, all of which were promised in the previous budget".

This despite the fact that Tejas has touchless taps and bio-vacuum toilets. The damage to the train had begun even before it was brought to Mumbai from Delhi's rail coach.

  • Zachary Reyes