Tax and spend: UK Labour Party releases its election pledges

"If it's not surrendered, and we have a majority in the parliamentary Labour Party, we should go to the courts to get it, and get the speaker to accept that our candidate is the leader of the opposition".

On the chances of a Labour victory, Mr McCluskey said: "In terms of the imagery of Jeremy, that's a huge task. I'm not optimistic, but we'll wait and see".

And, in a comment that will infuriate many Labour activists and MPs, Mr McCluskey said: "I believe that if Labour can hold on to 200 seats or so it will be a successful campaign".

Labour has proposed introducing an inflation cap on rent rises, making three-year tenancies the norm and implementing new consumer rights for renters.

We're not going to repeat them here, but suffice to say the report is extremely slanted in a direction that we honestly struggle to recognise following years of following JME's work (and social media output).

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn said the party has a "radical and responsible" program "for the many, not the few", ahead of the June 8 general election.

Such a result would represent Labour's worst general election performance since 1935. Jeremy Corbyn has come across as a man of the people and real leader.

"I wish the Prime Minister would agree to a televised debate with him, his message would reach so many more people".

Mr McCluskey's remarks will also be seen by Mr Corbyn's enemies in the party as evidence that the Labour leadership has all but given up hope of winning the election, despite claims that he is fighting to win.

Labour is defending its plans to exert state control over key utilities amid uncertainty over what the final price tag will be and how it will be paid for.

Business voiced anxieties, with the director general of the British Chambers of Commerce warning higher personal and business taxes would give bosses "real cause for concern". "These are made up numbers based on a shambolic manifesto with a £58 billion black hole at its heart".

It also says Labour supports keeping Britain's nuclear-armed submarines " something Corbyn personally opposes. "While his figures are a fantasy, it is ordinary working families who will pay".

Corbyn said a Labor government would pay for increased spending by "asking the better-off and the big corporations to pay a little bit more".

It's now 19% and Labour plans to increase that rate to 26% by 2021.

  • Leroy Wright