Protesters Storm Government Ministries in Brazil

"There was an invasion of the ministry's private entrance".

Scuffles broke out between police and protesters as the demonstrations neared Congress. Police fired tear gas and pepper spray, and some protesters tipped over portable toilets and set fires to create barricades between themselves and officers. All ministry buildings were subsequently evacuated and civil servants sent home.

At least 25,000 people massed in Brasilia to demand new elections and an end to austerity reforms in a protest fuelled by anger over a corruption scandal swirling around Temer.

Brazilian authorities estimate around 35,000 are marching in the capital. And as part of the plea bargain, Joesley Batista handed over the tape recording that allegedly captured Temer condoning the bribing of politician Eduardo Cunha, who was jailed this year for corruption.

Temer, from the centre-right PMDB party, is reeling from a probe into his alleged corruption. But pension reform still needs forcing through Congress, whoever's in charge.

"It's the end of this putschist government".

Protesters shouted "Out with Temer!" and carried signs calling for immediate direct presidential elections. The unrest began as protesters tried to break through a cordon, according to the capital's Security Department.

By early Monday afternoon, nearly 20,000 people had signed an online petition to scrap the plea deal calling the terms of the agreement too "friendly".

"If those who do not think about the future of our country believe that we will stop, they are deeply mistaken". Many are calling for snap elections but this would require hard constitutional changes. Temer says those and other reforms are necessary to drag the economy out of a deep recession. Latin America's largest economy now has the "BB" rating with a negative outlook - two levels below "investment level".

Late Wednesday, Temer's office issued a statement saying the move was necessary after violence had put the lives and safety of public servants at risk.

On Wednesday, lawmakers met to discuss a potential successor to Temer should the president eventually resign or be forced out by one of Brazil's top courts. He has said he did nothing wrong and will not resign.

SAO PAULO/BRASILIA (Reuters) - Shares in Brazilian meatpacker JBS SA lost one-third of their value on Monday as lawmakers considered a probe into stock and currency trades by its controlling shareholders that may have reduced losses on their holdings related to bribery allegations. However, the Senate will analyze the labor reform bill. Opposing senators yelled at each other, some chanting "Temer out, Temer out".

"A more negative scenario would see prolonged political uncertainty as the country would face another impeachment process with potentially rising social tensions and a return to an economic scenario akin to what Brazil faced in the second half of 2015", said Tony Volpon, economist with UBS in a report.

Paulo Maluf, an 85-year-old ally of Temer, was convicted of money laundering and has been stripped of his mandate as a deputy in Congress.

The ANP director is in NY promoting Brazil's oil and gas opportunities to investors.

Tadeu Filippelli was arrested on Tuesday in connection with a fraud investigation into the renovations of the Brasilia stadium for the 2014 World Cup.

  • Zachary Reyes