Palestinian president says USA should mediate hunger strike

"Given the critical situation of the Palestinian prisoners and the Israeli refusal to take their just demands into account, an appeal is made to all people of conscience in the world to mobilize in the streets on Thursday, 25 May, by observing a hunger strike to show their solidarity with the heroic resistance of the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike since 17 April", the CAPJPO-EuroPalestine's statement said.

Around 60 Palestinian prisoners, including the leader of the hunger strike Marwan Barghouthi, were hospitalised yesterday due to the deterioration of their health conditions.

Meanwhile, Hanan al-Khatib, an attorney with the Detainees Affairs Commission, said the Israeli authorities have imposed a blackout regarding the health condition of strikers in Hadarim prison.

Zeid, the United Nations human rights chief, added that, according to global human rights law, the right to consult an attorney was a "fundamental protection" and should "never" be violated.

According to Palestinian figures, Israel is now holding more than 6,500 Palestinians - including scores of women and children - at 24 detention centers across the country.

"Various global bodies have repeatedly called on Israel to end its practice of administrative detention".

"Various global bodies have repeatedly called on Israel to end its practice of administrative detention", Mr. Zeid said, noting that such detainees should either be charged with an offence and tried, according to worldwide standards, or released immediately.

Greenblatt is in Israel and the Palestinian territories to follow up on Trump's visit earlier in the week and to build on his plans for a new Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative, according to Israeli media.

The open-ended hunger strike is one of the largest in recent years led by the jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti. It said that under worldwide law, the visits "can only be limited for security reasons, on a case by case basis, but never for strictly punitive or disciplinary purposes".

It added that "Israel detains Palestinians within its territory - but not within the occupied territory as required by the law of occupation".

  • Leroy Wright