Pak condemns honouring of Indian Army officer Gogoi

"We deeply condemn the act, this has in a way given license to uniform personnel to make anyone a 'human shield" or even execute them", protester Shamima Firdaus said. "This is grossly inhumane... to turn me into a stone-pelter".

The army officer at the centre of the controversy, Major Nitin Gogoi, in a rare departure from official protocol, addressed a media conference and defended his actions.

Yesterday, Omar dubbed the Army's court of inquiry against Major Leetul Gogoi for tying a man to his jeep as a "human shield" a "farce". An FIR was registered by the Jammu and Kashmir police against the security forces. "I give him full marks for his presence of mind", Chopra said. Had I fired, there would have been more than 12 casualties. We should never forget that he saved 19 people's life.

Although people from neighbouring villages often join protests against the Indian Army in Kashmir, there were only about 5 or 10 boys pelting stones in Budgam on that fateful day, eyewitnesses say. We should be sensitive towards the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

"This is not first time Indian occupation forces have displayed such cowardice and inhumanity", he said, urging the global community and the United Nations to take notice of the human rights violation and act accordingly.

The video went viral on social media and created an uproar.

It has been repeated several times by various social media users, including both retired and serving armed forces officers, and politicians, that Gogoi had "very little time" on his hands to control a rapidly-escalating situation, legitimising his act as an unusual, but perhaps necessary diversion from army procedure in a battle zone.

"The Commendation Card for Major Gogoi of 53 Rashtriya Rifles was given for his "sustained efforts" in counter-insurgency operations", the Indian Army had said.

"Major Gogoi has tried to justify his action by claiming that he was trying to save lives".

  • Leroy Wright