NFL moves 2021 Super Bowl to Tampa Bay from LA

The NFL also wants to put some flair back into celebrations, allowing players to use the football as a prop, celebrate as a group and roll around on the ground again if they choose. L.A. will now host the 2022 game. Players grew frustrated that they couldn't show their personality/creativity/joy after making a great play without drawing a penalty flag and $12,000 fine.

Even Commissioner Roger Goodell said he was looking forward to seeing what players would do with their new-found freedom of expression. After years of attempting to turn their charismatic players into robotic drones, the league has made a decision to soften its stance on one of the more entertaining non-football aspects of the game.

"I think two pumps get you a baby", Bennett in a press conference. Four games were won in the final five minutes of overtime during the 2016 regular season.

Some of these rule changes include a shorter overtime period, more leniency regarding touchdown celebrations, and a shorter cut-down period in the preseason.

The change, which was originally proposed by the NFL Competition Committee at the NFL Owners Meetings in March, was done because of player safety. Increasing the roster size would help lower injury risks but owners may not be ready to guarantee salaries to more players just yet.

"We know we have more work to do", he said.

Lastly, the owners also voted unanimously to move Super Bowl 55 to Tampa Bay, per multiple reports. "Our focus is more on the caliber of building than the exact year of the Super Bowl". He welcomed the looser guidelines, also endorsed by Falcons President Rich McKay, who heads the National Football League competition committee. Among those that will still result in a penalty are moves deemed offensive or in bad taste, ones that embarrass or taunt opponents, and ones that mimic the use of weapons.

Overtime, touchdown celebrations and the manner in which teams trim their rosters down during training camp will all be affected by the new rules. Goodell explained last March that the league was committed to improving the pace of play and limiting game stoppages. Now, teams can keep all 90 players on their roster for the final exhibition contest, giving them an extra look before meaningful games begin.

The league has declined this week to address questions about specific celebrations, noting that officials will have some discretion to decide whether they are spontaneous or unsportsmanlike. "Two other former players, Derrick Brooks and James Thrash will hear appeals for players". So, I will be shocked if the newly announced rules changes are not embraced by most fans.

  • Arturo Norris