New York City mayor still won't cheer for hometown Yankees

In the meantime, the city will monitor 311 complaints, @placardabuse (someone pay this hero), and other online forums for "information we can use" in enforcement, the mayor said. Placards do not authorize parking in front of fire hydrants, in bus stops or taxi loading zones, in front of driveways, or double parking generally.

De Blasio ordered the move after the principals union won a court ruling that overturned then-Mayor Mike Bloomberg's 2008 decision to slash the number of DOE placards from 63,000 to 11,000. Addressing reporters in the Bronx, he announced the creation of a Placard Fraud Enforcement Unit within the NYPD.

At a news conference outside a Bronx school, de Blasio vowed that the city would enforce parking rules equally, including around police precincts and schools. Comprehensive data on placard use wasn't.

New DOE placards will also be issued for a limited stock of parking spaces-a measure de Blasio said will prevent road congestion and risky parking.

Even as de Blasio inveighed against city personnel who illegally park, at least two vehicles were left in no-standing zones around the corner from the announcement: a photocopied cover of a years-old, NYPD "CIVILIAN HANDBOOK" sat on the dashboard of one vehicle; on another, a guidance counselor had left her photo ID. "We think it will, in the end, level off", he said.

Vehicles with placards from the NYPD, courts, district attorney's office and city agencies take most of the street parking.

Public employees can already lose their placards or have parking privileged revoked entirely, and they face suspension or termination for permit misuse in addition to the new fine and parking violations.

"There has to be a [designated] space available", de Blasio said.

"A plan written by billionaires and millionaires for billionaires and millionaires - that's what this is", de Blasio explained, according to the Daily News.

He said this isn't the first time the mayor and the police commissioner have promised change.

The mayor told Kramer he used a parking placard when he was both a city councilman and public advocate. A new fact sheet from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign shows that 54.5 percent of NYC households are vehicle free, though auto ownership is on the rise overall.

De Blasio and a number of high-ranking city officials have been in the borough all week as part of the City Hall in Your Borough tour, an outreach effort aimed at improving New Yorkers' quality of life.

"In New York City, our diversity is our strength".

"I and a lot of other people are really hopeful that this is going to go in a positive direction, but we've been disappointed before", he said.

  • Larry Hoffman