More than 100 civilians killed in Iraq bombing in March

A berm separating some communities from their land is the de factor border between federal Iraq and its northern, self-governing Kurdish region.

The allegations were supported by photographs taken by Iraqi photographer Ali Arkady, who was embedded with the unit in the early months of the battle for Mosul.

In the article in this week's issue of Der Spiegel, a German magazine, Arkady says he had set out a year ago wanting to bring attention to the "heroes" of the interior ministry's Emergency Response Division (ERD). Following the announcement, ministry spokesman Brig. Gen. Matthew Isler, said in a telephone briefing for reporters at the Pentagon. Maan did not give a time frame for the investigating but said "legal measures will be applied. against wrongdoers".

The police unit was not immediately available for comment.

The Hashd Shaabi units on Tuesday liberated al-Qairwan and many villages around the town from the IS and announced that the forces had ended the first stage of major offensive created to secure the border areas with neighbouring Syria and cut off the IS' supply routes between Mosul and the Syrian city of Raqqa, the capital of the IS' self-declared caliphate.

The probe found that the USA bomb triggered secondary explosions from devices clandestinely planted in the lower floors of the concrete building, Isler said.

The photographer said he had initially meant to document the heroism of Iraqi forces fighting Islamic State but that a darker side of the war had gradually been revealed to him.

A Pentagon investigation has found that more than 100 civilians were killed after the U.S. With the help of more than 12,000 airstrikes and $12.5 billion dollars in training, logistics and support from the US -led coalition, in addition to Iranian training and support, Iraqi forces have retaken more than half of the territory IS once held in the country.

The offensive came as part of a wider campaign launched last October to retake the entire city, which Daesh overran - along with other parts of the country - in mid-2014.

  • Leroy Wright