Meeting with Abbas, Trump calls Manchester attackers 'evil losers'

"I know you've heard it before".

"From the Palestinian leadership's perspective, I don't think their definition of peace fits within what most of us at least here in Congress and in the United States would define as peace".

Trump was unclear what measures this confrontation would entail. Hazan said Trump was a good sport about the whole thing, even after his camera stalled.

Mr Trump is expected to hold around 40 minutes of talks with Mr Abbas, whom he met at the White House earlier this month, before the two issue separate statements.

On the left, J Street's communications director, Jessica Rosenblum, wrote that "there can be no doubt: There is major opportunity for the USA to help bring together Israelis, Palestinians and Arab nations to transform a destructive status quo and build a better future". More likely, Netanyahu said, that bomber "would have received a stipend from the Palestinian Authority".

Reading between the lines, President Trump bluntly called out the Palestinians for continuing to indoctrinate their youth with anti-Israel hatred, by demonizing the Jewish people, by supporting and glorifying terrorism, by using government funds to pay rewards to the families of terrorists - thereby perpetuating deadly violence against innocents.

His enemies and opponents can agree on this when it comes to Donald J. Trump - he is not afraid to speak his mind. There, he attempted to reset relations with the Muslim world and called on Arab leaders to take a tougher stand against terrorism. The ties of the Jewish people to this holy land are ancient and eternal.

"The conflict is not between religions", Abbas said. "The question is when nations will decide when they have had enough", adding that "Change can only come from within".

Meanwhile, ahead of Trump's meeting with Netanyahu in Jerusalem Monday, a live-streamed White House schedule stated Trump would deliver remarks in "Jerusalem, Israel", apparently recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the holy city despite Trump himself never affirming a change in USA policy. "Under my administration, you see the difference - big, big handsome difference - including the Iron Dome missile defense program, which has been keeping the Israeli people safe from short-range rockets launched by Hezbollah and Hamas, and David's Sling, which guards against long range missiles".

But he went on to tick off decades-old defense programs as his examples of those differences.

"Netanyahu doesn't invite his own cabinet to this dinner", said David Makovsky, an expert on Israeli-Palestinian relations at the Washington Institute in Washington.

For two days here, Trump has been touting his hope for peace - despite warnings from experts on the region who have hinted that now is not the right time to restart negotiations.

Sen. Marco Rubio said Tuesday he is not optimistic that a major peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians is near, despite recent comments made by President Donald Trump.

A statement issued by the White House about Trump's visit to Israel included a title replacing the word peace with that of a fruit, so that the USA president would be seeking to "Promote the possibility of lasting peach". "There's a lot of love out there".

  • Leroy Wright