Manchester bombing: 3 more arrested after Salman Abedi identified as suspect

In Monday night's attack, at least 22 people died and almost 60 were sent to hospitals after an explosion struck in the area between the concert venue and the adjacent transit station.

The attack left at least 22 dead, including an 8-year-old girl, the latest apparent victims of Islamic extremists seeking to rattle life in the West.

Touching on that disconnect, British Prime Minister Theresa May said: "We struggle to comprehend the warped and twisted mind that sees a room packed with young children not as a scene to cherish but as an opportunity for carnage".

May said Britain's terror threat level had been raised to critical - meaning another attack may be imminent. Security in the nation has been ramped up significantly in the wake of the attack, with up to 1,000 military personnel deployed on the streets to compliment police as part of "Operation Temperer", with soldiers taking up position outside of Buckingham Palace, Parliament and Downing Street among other high-profile spots.

"The thought that anyone could go out to a concert and not come home is heartbreaking", he said.

"She's not turned up", Campbell said of her daughter. The Guardian reported that Abedi was known to the police and security services.

Some 59 people were hurt in the attack and 12 of those rushed to hospital were children.

The youngest known victim of the atrocity, eight-year-old Saffie had been at the concert with her mother, Lisa Roussos, and sister, Ashlee Bromwich, who is in her 20s, from Leyland, Lancashire.

Georgina, who was studying Health and Social Care, had posted on social media about how much she was looking forward to seeing Ariana Grande perform.

The Manchester-born bomber reportedly spent three-weeks in war-torn Libya before carrying out the attack in Manchester Arena, in which he was killed.

Mr Payton Williams, one of Brewster's friends, who confirmed she had died, said she was "very smart, amusing lady with a heart of gold".

He said he knew the man from the neighbourhood and the mosque but "in the last 15 years, I haven't seen him in trouble at all".

The last time an attack of this scale took place in the United Kingdom was in 2005 - the London bombings.

The attacker set off his improvised bomb as crowds streamed out of the Manchester Arena after a pop concert by Ariana Grande, a USA singer especially popular with teenage girls. Twitter and Facebook were filled with appeals for the missing.

Her boyfriend, Ian John Winslow, wrote on Facebook that "Kelly really was the happiest she has ever been and we had so many things planned together". The venue tweeted on Monday night that it happened "outside the venue in a public space". The great city of Manchester has been affected by terrorism before. Her daughter had called her earlier in the evening, before a suspected suicide attacker detonated a bomb outside the arena as throngs of teenagers were leaving the show.

Authorities identified the suicide bomber in the deadly blast at a Manchester, England, concert, but it's not yet clear whether the Islamic State's claim of responsibility for the blast is valid. The details that were emerging about the victims reinforced what Mr McCants and others described as the shock value craved by plotters of such attacks.

  • Leroy Wright