Iran's ballistic missile programme will continue: Rouhani

"We will not have any loss of time", Vartan Voskanian, who specializes in Iranian studies, told RFE/RL's Armenian service (, commenting on Rouhani's May 19 victory in the Islamic Republic's presidential election.

"The Islamic Republic is ready for cooperation in all levels with other countries, including France, to fight against terrorism and to resolve the Syrian crisis", Rouhani was quoted saying to Macron by Iran's state news agency IRNA.

He said on Monday in Jerusalem that shared concern about Iran was driving Israel and many Arab states closer, calling Tehran a real threat in the region.

"In the bilateral sphere, South Africa and Iran share a long historical relationship, with Iran having stood with and supported the struggle for liberation in South Africa".

Annan said he would also Trump that the US should honour the nuclear agreement, which he called a "good" deal.

Iran held its presidential election on Friday, and President Hassan Rouhani was reelected by a wide margin over his main challenger, conservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi. It was Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Russian Federation.

JEDDAH: Iran's statement on Monday accusing the U.S. of "Iranophobia" came in for a sharp rebuke from experts who described Tehran as a state sponsor of terrorism. "We accepted the nuclear deal to boost our defensive power". "It will make them (rulers) stronger".

He further said that Saudi people are Iran's neighbors and friends.

"The Iranian people voted for moderation as they know a prosperous economy and jobs can only happen through investment, and investment through freedom and interaction with the world", he said as he began his second term as president. "Sadly, the Iranian regime to this day does a great disservice to its people by showing no signs that it's willing or capable of moving past the extremist fervor of its 1979 revolutionary ethos".

Iran's economy has slowly recovered since the lifting of sanctions a year ago but deals with Western investors are few and far between as foreign investors are cautious about trading with or investing in Iran, fearing penalties from remaining unilateral USA sanctions. Under the agreement, Iran accepted to put limitations on its program in exchange for the removal of nuclear-related sanctions imposed against Tehran.

He said Iran doesn't buy weapons but manufactures its needed weapons, but added that power is not obtained through buying or manufacturing weapons.

Rouhani says that Iranians are "waiting for this government to be civil" and that "hopefully, things will settle we could pass more accurate judgments". "Our missiles are for peace and for defence", he said.

"America's dream on ending Iran's missile programme will never come true".

  • Leroy Wright