Iran Accuses US of 'Iranophobia,' Arming 'Terrorists' Like Saudi Arabia

The neologism "Iranophobia" was introduced by a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Qassemi, who said a day after US President finished his visit to Tehran's regional nemesis, Saudi Arabia, that the US is guilty of "repetitive and baseless claims" about Iran. Shortly after his're-election', Rouhani praised the Iranian terror squad the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), despite criticising them whilst campaigning.

He was less flattering in his assessment of the Trump administration so far.

A top USA official has told Trend that the White House is reviewing its policy regarding Iran and until the completion of the review, Washington will adhere to its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

THE FACTS: What would have happened absent the deal is impossible to say, but such an imminent collapse of Iran's economy was highly improbable.

Addressing his first press conference after being re-elected as Iran's president, Rouhani said that Tehran has always favoured good ties with the regional and worldwide countries.

Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia, his first foreign destination as president, was framed by the ruling Saudi monarchy as a fundamental shift in United States policy away from the goal of improved relations with Iran that had been sought by the administration of President Barack Obama.

"The issue of terrorism can not be solved through giving money to superpowers", Rouhani said, adding that his nation would "uproot terrorism" and bring stability to the region.

Rouhani won another four-year term Friday in a vote that many saw as a referendum on his push for worldwide outreach that led to the nuclear deal, as well as a vote of confidence that his government will be able to help the country's sputtering economy.

The Sunni kingdom and Shiite power Iran haven't had diplomatic relations since early 2016.

Guided by Rouhani and Obama, Iran and major world powers reached an agreement on a landmark deal in 2015 that relaxed economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for verifiable limits on Iran's nuclear work. Over the weekend, President Trump and Saudi King Salman signed an arms deal worth about $450 billion over the next ten years. "When they imposed sanctions on us, they made a mistake", he said.

There was a party fit for a (literal) king, a gold medal and a whole lot of red carpet as the United States president made his first foreign trip as part of a week-long stretch that including visits to Israel, the West Bank, the Vatican, Brussels and Italy.

Terrorism is fought on the frontlines in Syria and Iraq, Rouhani said at a press conference.

He also said that Iran would continue its ballistic missile programme adding that the Iranian nation has chose to be powerful and our missiles are for peace and defense only.

"It is a government that speaks openly of mass murder, vowing the destruction of Israel, death to America", he said, and called for its global isolation.

On Monday, Rouhani, however, said that Iran will continue to test its missiles anytime if there is a "technical need", and it will not seek the permission of any other country to do so. We gave them a lifeline and we not only gave them a lifeline, we gave them wealth and prosperity.

  • Leroy Wright