Here are the gifts Trump and Pope Francis exchanged

The atmosphere at the beginning was formal and a bit stiff.

Melania Trump donned a black dress with her hair covered by a veil, and Ivanka Trump was seen in a black dress with lace hem and pearls, as well as a veil. There were smiles all around.

The pope also gave Trump a medal crafted by a local artist depicting peace.

Francis explained that the branch is a symbol of peace, and Trump replied, "We can use peace". Melania looked delighted and quietly said, "Thank you". "I hope you do".

Before the door of the wood-lined elevator closed, a Vatican protocol official was heard quipping to the president that it was not "like Trump Tower in New York".

Mr Trump was joined not only by his wife, daughter and son-in-law but also Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Adviser HR McMaster. "And I hope they reached some sort of meeting of the minds on several issues".

"The opening exchanges between the pope and the president", wrote the Guardian, "began on an unusually sombre note, with the pope not exuding his usual warmth and cheerfulness".

Trump, who has threatened to ignore the Paris accords on emissions and described global warming as a hoax, vowed to read them.

Zdravka Balon, a restaurant owner in the small Slovenian town of Bizeljsko not far from Melania's hometown of Sevnica, said that potica "is probably the most traditional Slovenian dish" besides "Kranjske" sausages.

A Vatican statement said the meeting was "cordial" and that the Vatican hoped there could be "serene collaboration" between the USA government and the American Catholic Church, including "assistance to immigrants".

In a statement, the Vatican said the two men discussed "the promotion of peace in the world through political negotiation and interreligious dialogue" and focused on the need to protect vulnerable Christians in the Middle East.

Only President Trump, Pope Francis and the pope's translator, Msgr.

He squeezed Trump into an early morning slot so as not to have to cancel or delay his regular Wednesday general audience in St. Peter's Square.

Security was tight throughout the city but the protest passed off peacefully.

Georg Gänswein, a German archbishop, greeted Trump.

Accompanied by the archbishop up an elevator and down a frescoed hallway, the president passed more Swiss Guards in the Clementine Hall.

It is now known yet what are the gifts Trump and Francis exchanged.

The pope told Trump he signed the message "personally for you".

"He is something", Trump said. Whether the United States pulls out or not could send the biggest signal yet on how the Trump administration views climate change. She spent time in front of a statue of the Madonna at the Vatican's children's hospital and laid flowers at its feet.

The White House pointed out that there was no insult or broken protocol in the fashion choices.

For her final appearance of the day, Trump stepped out in a bold Michael Kors Collection's gingham coat and dress to meet with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium in Brussels, where the Trumps arrived this afternoon. "Presidents who win the white Catholic vote win the White House". L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, noted that it contained cuts in subsidies "for the poorest segments of the population" and "a drastic - 10 percent - increase for military spending".

A young Canadian couple, expressing fears of terrorism in Europe in the wake of this week's concert bombing in Manchester, England, was more welcoming of the US leader. "We are talking about more than $1.6 billion". Before the visit, they were very annoyed by suggestions that the Pope and the president had a certain amount in common - they're populists, they shoot from the hip, and neither is adept at turning grandstanding into legislation.

"A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges is not Christian", Pope Francis said. On Wednesday, Donald Trump stopped by the Vatican to have a chat with the religious leader. Trump said it was "an honour" to meet with Francis while they shook hands. "That's good for world peace". "And that's a hard balancing act to take, and so I think we had a good exchange there, and we look forward to having further talks with them on climate policy".

Contributing to this story were Junno Arocho Esteves and Carol Glatz at the Vatican.

  • Larry Hoffman