Get ready for yet another Resident Evil cinematic universe

"Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" pulled in an whopping $312 million worldwide from a budget of just $40 million. None of them did particularly well in the USA, but the films' worldwide gross was enough to make the series profitable.

Resident Evil will still be under Constantin Films. The series is particularly popular in China where special effects spectaculars low on plot points and high on scenes featuring Milla Jovovich roundhouse kicking zombies tend to do quite well. Your guess is as good as ours in this instance as nobody seems too keen on sharing any details regarding the direction of the reboot.

The over-the-top nature of the final few Resident Evil films does create a bit of a problem for the rebooted franchise, however.

This is probably why some are wondering how Resident Evil: The Final Chapter still wasn't the last one in the franchise, thanks to the confirmation that a reboot will happen. But with a fresh blank slate, we can imagine that we won't be seeing any of the original characters back on screen.

Greg Russo has been tapped to write the script.

Martin Moszkowicz, who is the chairman of Constantin Film which bankrolled all the installments of the series, attended the Cannes and said that Resident Evil reboot is on the cards. Wan comes from a horror background with titles like The Conjuring, Saw and Annabelle, and he and Russo have been working together on the Mortal Kombat reboot for New Line Cinemas.

  • Arturo Norris