Former CIA confirms 'interactions' between Russia, Trump campaign

Brennan's statements about the number of contacts between associates of the Trump campaign and the Russians again put details about the campaign's contacts with the Kremlin into the spotlight as reports emerged that Trump had asked his national intelligence director and NSA chief to state publicly there was no evidence of collusion before investigations into the matter were complete.

Asked if he saw any "connective tissue" between Caputo, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, foreign policy adviser Carter Page and others caught up in the Russian Federation investigation, Schiff said the committee is looking into that.

An operative reportedly said Priebus told Trump about his conversation with Manafort.

President Donald Trump's former national security adviser could receive immunity for agreeing to testify about his contact with the Russians - but he'd have to clear a steep hurdle first.

Chaffetz had invited Comey to speak at Wednesday's hearing.

Flynn plead the Fifth in response to a document request from the Senate intelligence committee on Monday, limiting the panel's ability probe him.

Brennan said it wasn't clear at the time if the Trump aides were acting as Russian agents or if the "contacts and interactions" were routine and unconnected to a larger effort by Russian intelligence agencies to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

Cummings asked the committee's chairman, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, to subpoena the White House for documents related to Flynn.

Coats would not answer questions about reports that Trump asked him to publicly deny evidence of cooperation between his campaign and Russian Federation. The FBI is also investigating.

On another intelligence matter, Brennan said that while he was CIA director he shared classified information with Russian Federation and other nations about threats related to terrorism.

Brennan, who led the Central Intelligence Agency for four years, including throughout the 2016 US presidential campaign, also testified that Moscow "clearly had a more favorable view" toward the Trump campaign.

In a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday, Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, announced that the committee had issued new subpoenas to two firms associated with Flynn after Flynn rejected an earlier demand for the documents, saying he would plead the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. Then he would want to speak to the Justice Department appointed special counsel, Bob Mueller, who's also investigating Flynn as part of DOJ's Russian Federation probe. Intelligence sources have previously confirmed to CNN that former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page was being cultivated as a source for a Russian spy - whether he knew it or not.

But Burr disagreed and said the committee has sent a letter to Flynn's lawyers questioning the legal basis for his refusal to cooperate with the request for documents.

Schiff scoffed at the notion then, too, calling it a "grave and momentous step" for the retired general who's under federal investigation for his alleged collusion with the Russian government to make such an ask. Brennan said he anxious that Russians tried to recruit Americans during the presidential campaign to work for Moscow.

Schiff said he's still interested in pursuing the information "either from him or from others" without a grant of immunity. Marco Rubio - encouraged Flynn to comply. The person spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the private interactions between Flynn and the committee.

The committee has subpoenaed Flynn, and two of his businesses, for information in conjunction with their Russian Federation probe.

  • Leroy Wright