Engine fire on United Airlines jet causes temporary closure at Newark Airport

Newark confirmed that the aircraft's evacuation slides were deployed and emergency services were mustered to the scene.

Five people suffered minor injuries. The flight crew deployed the plane's slide chutes and evacuated passengers on the tarmac.

"The pilot came on and said that it would take about 20 minutes as we were number 18 to take off", Toney told CNN.

About 124 passengers and seven crew members left the plane, according to sources. Buses eventually transported the passengers to the United Lounge, said the passenger, who saw three people treated for injuries.

"EWR has reopened after earlier incident of plane with apparent engine fire".

"They've closed the bar and won't let us drink", the passenger added.

As WRBL sister station CBS2 in NY reported, total of 124 passengers and seven crew members were on board the taxiing United flight 1579 when the fire broke out in an engine on the right side of the aircraft. Reports of 5 minor injuries. According to the Port Authority of NY and New Jersey, emergency response teams are at the scene and no injuries have been reported.

United says it's working to get the passengers to San Francisco as soon as possible. Today there is a shareholder meeting for United Airlines, where questions about the April dragging incident are expected to be lobbed at CEO Oscar Munoz.

  • Zachary Reyes