Engine fire causes emergency flight evacuation at Newark

Passengers evacuated from a United flight that caught fire before taking off from Newark, New Jersey last night have finally arrived at their destination - San Francisco, safe and sound.

Airline spokesman Jonathan Guerin said five passengers suffered minor injuries during the evacuation. It was not immediately clear how many passengers or crew members were aboard the aircraft when it was evacuated.

The airport was closed for almost two hours last night but has since reopened with residual delays, according to CBS New York.

United Airlines Flight 1579 bound for San Francisco halted its take-off as it was taxiing on the runway, local media reported.

The fire was put out by Port Authority aircraft rescue firefighters before it could spread, but air traffic at Newark Airport was shut down for hours as passengers were bused from the taxiway to another terminal. We have received early reports of an ankle injury.

Another Twitter user posted that there were "no visible signs of smoke or fire but the captain said we're evacuating and attendants popped slides". He said the airline was working to get the passengers to San Francisco as soon as possible.

The emergency prompted the FAA to issue a ground stop at Newark Airport.

It was unclear late Tuesday when the airport would reopen.

  • Zachary Reyes