Day after plane engine fire, Newark Airport is back on schedule

Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey was reopened late on Tuesday night after it was shut down when 131 people were evacuated from a United Airlines flight after flames were spotted coming from one of the jet's engines.

Five people suffered minor injuries during the incident and travelers should expect delays through the night, an airport spokesman told Reuters in an email.

"We're grateful for the swift actions of our flight crew and we're thankful customers were safe", United said in a statement.

According to ABIA, at 8:22 p.m., a United Airlines plane was taxing out of gate 19 while an American Airline's plane was stationary at Gate 21 when, somehow, both plane's wings collided.

The fire was extinguished by airport firefighters, and the passengers and crew were being bused to Terminal C, Gate 71.

Newark airport's Twitter page stated that the airport is temporarily closed and warns of expected delays throughout the evening.

Passenger Lo Toney said the plane caught fire on the taxiway and never took off.

Then, according to the passenger, "the lights cut out and the captain told the crew to prepare to evacuate".

The man was never found although video showed him leaving a secure area of the airport not long after he entered.

May also said Thursday that progress is being made in the Manchester bombing investigation noted the national threat level remains critical - meaning another attack may be imminent. United says there was some damage to their plane, but they're unsure of the extent.

If a flight is still overbooked, the first to be asked to leave will be standby passengers who have for some reason been allowed to board, the ministry said. We have received early reports of an ankle injury.

  • Larry Hoffman