Avocado Lattes Went From Internet Prank To Actual Thing

Truman Cafe in Melbourne is now launching the Avolatte, a hybrid food invention that combines avocados, steamed milk, and espresso. This latte is served up in a scooped-out avocado.

The video of the "avolatte" has been viewed nearly 5,000 times and accumulated on 124 comments since being posted just over a week ago. Needless to say, the interview caused a lot of eye rolls.

Well the Truman Cafe in, you guessed it, Melbourne, has come up with the ultimate four dollar F-you to those who propagate such economic theories: a latte made in an avocado.

Millennials, rejoice: you no longer need to drain your nest egg on smashed avocado and overpriced lattes.

"It was actually just a joke". We weren't actually selling them but then someone came in today and wanted one. He said they just charge for a normal coffee.

The Turner Cafe has created a latte so Instagrammable, you'll barely be able to choose a filter. "It was actually just a joke", barista Jaydin Nathan told News.com.au. But it looks like their latest creation (even if it was a joke) is the one that's going to put them on the map.

  • Zachary Reyes