'Alien: Covenant' edges 'Guardians' at weekend box office

"Alien: Covenant" just killed the "Alien" franchise and because of that I am flunking "Alien: Covenant" with an F.

The successful debut of "Alien" is a boost for Fox, which has seen mixed results from six follow-on pictures released after the acclaimed 1979 original film. The R-rated comedy received a Mother's Day bump last weekend, increasing its box office haul by $2 million, but this weekend sees the film's earnings drop by 61.1 percent, bringing it to an estimated domestic total of $32.8 million - nearly as much as Schumer's previous movie, Trainwreck, earned in its first weekend out. As I mentioned yesterday, I can't provide a definitive reason for the drop from film to film here; Prometheus' middling reception may be the most likely factor. Couple this with a summer packed with a new blockbuster or two every weekend until mid-August, and Covenant may not last long at your local theater.

Captain Jack Sparrow returns to movie screens this week with the fifth chapter of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Dead Men Tell No Tales.

The film successfully scared Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 to the second position after standing strong against King Arthur: Legend of the Sword that released last week.

Per ComScore, overall box office is up 2.5 percent in the same frame from a year ago. While Michael Fassbender is a well-known name, that's about where the list ends, and none of the topliners have much of a social media presence. Then the franchise took a turn for the worse.

While that's far from the most expensive promotional campaign Hollywood's ever seen, it's quite a bit of money, especially for a project that doesn't hail from DC or Marvel, or have Star Wars in the title. David has been experimenting in the creation of the murderous xenomorph moviegoers will know from the original Alien series. "Alien: Covenant" just barely beats "Guardians" at the weekend box office https://t.co/JoHR6QVSBb pic.twitter.com/MFk6B79PL2 - HuffPost (@HuffPost) May 21, 2017 The franchise definitely has directions that it can go. That film ended up collecting $400 million worldwide. The fact that the movie was so full of plot holes and flat-out stupid behavior by its characters, and, most importantly, didn't have Ripley, or anyone near Ripley's charisma, strength and smarts, made me anxious for the future of the franchise. He has already teased another sequel, Alien: Awakening, and has said he' s open to filming several more Alien movies. The real question will be how the film holds up internationally as the domestic box office will likely dip below No. 1 for week two and beyond.

  • Salvatore Jensen