Africa Day Celebrated on Twitter

Today was supposed to be a significant day for Zimbabwe and indeed for Africa as a whole in celebrating the continent's uniqueness and dreams of its founding fathers, but that has not been the case.

The day meant to bring back and reconnect the people of the continent as they struggle for a united, better Africa and a better world.

Since then, the 25th day of May has been celebrated widely across the world particularly in Africa to signify Africa's identity and unity. The day is known as "Africa Day".

The African Union, which replaced the OAU in 2001, has failed to stop the continent from bleeding, as wars and epidemics continue to ravage our beloved countries while those entrusted to lead turn a blind eye. The African Union uses Africa Day to highlight certain development themes-this year it's youth-but what that means in practical implication often gets lost.

John Dramani Mahama in a post-Facebook to commemorate the day, noted that the journey towards freedom in Africa has been very daunting but however, the spirit of Pan-Africanism has been unquenchable. The OAU changed the name of the holiday to African Freedom Day.

The celebrations mark the formation of the organisation of African Union in 1963 and the African Union in 2002.

The celebrations will be attended by ambassadors and high commissioners from Africa and overseas.

  • Leroy Wright