Windstorm knocks out power for 74000 BC Hydro customers

A BC Hydro technician is unhurt but his truck was crushed by a falling tree while he tried to restore power in a Vancouver neighbourhood as a windstorm tore across southern British Columbia late Tuesday.

The vehicle was parked in the Kitsilano neighbourhood with the driver inside when the large chestnut tree toppled over and landed on the truck.

She says crews are working as fast as possible to reach and fix numerous Interior locations, but there is no estimate when power will be restored. The impact shook the neighbourhood and spooked some of the nearby residents.

Westerly winds gusting to 70 km/h will persist over exposed coastal sections behind the front, and wind warnings are in effect for Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria where the gusts will reach 90 km/h.

In Burnaby, downed wires caused a brush fire that crews were fortunately able to put out before it could spread far.

Power was restored to all but 8,000 Lower Mainland customers by 8 a.m. Wednesday, while 16,000 were still without power in the Thompson-Shuswap. The hardest hit areas were in Surrey and Salmon Arm.

BC Hydro is constantly updated their website, and have now added a large orange box on their outages page.

  • Leroy Wright