White House Budget For 2018: Read The Full Plan

Trump's budget would cut Medicaid by a lot, despite the president telling the Daily Signal days before launching his White House bid, "I'm not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I'm not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid". Trump said he will release more specifics on his infrastructure plan this year.

Republican Senator John Cornyn has described the budget as "basically dead on arrival". He indicated the priorities set out in the budget will serve as "guideposts" for the Senate Budget Committee. They are not bills that are sent to the President to be signed into law.

Some of the administration's proposals, if adopted, could help boost economic growth, he says, including deficit reduction, and helping more people collecting disability insurance benefits go back to work. These are messaging votes and are used by both parties to zero in on key contrasts - on health care, tax reform, on funding for education, environmental and medical research programs. And the problem is entirely on the spending side.

Republicans have already signaled, seemingly in a way to cut off focus on Trump's budget, that the document will undoubtedly be changed. Chuck Schumer, D-New York, the minority leader.

President Donald Trump meets to discuss the American Health Care Act at the White House in Washington, D.C., March 10, 2017.

"As outlined in the Constitution, the Congress, not the executive branch, has the 'power of the purse, '" said Frelinghuysen (R-11th Dist.).

Lawrence Summers, a former economic adviser to Democratic President Barack Obama, said the Trump administration was double-counting that money by saying it would help close budget deficits while also offsetting the revenue lost by cutting tax rates.

Chuck Schumer of NY, asserted that the Trump budget was a betrayal of the president's voters.

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, notes it is up to Congress to determine how government is funded. Plus, there'a a projected $274 million shortfall in this year's state budget. Some congressional Republicans, however, wonder if it's a sign the president doesn't intend to spend much political capital on what is a controversial budget plan unveiled amidst a slew of investigations and uncertainty.

Mulvaney, the Office of Management and Budget Director, said the budget was written with taxpayers in mind.

But not all House Republicans heeded that call. McConnell praised the budget for prioritizing defense, veterans' issues and economic growth, while telling reporters, "The president's budget as we all know is a recommendation". They're not mere savings. "They are really deep, deep cuts".

-The Poor: Trump's budget would slash Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program by $616 billion over the next decade. Ryan says "we can finally turn the page on the Obama era of bloated budgets that never balance". Many of Trump's cuts affecting California, moreover, resurrect previous presidential efforts that evaporated in the face of bipartisan congressional resistance.

"We're no longer going to measure compassion by the number of programs or the number of people on those programs, but by the number of people we help get off of those programs", Mulvaney said, according to The Week.

Trump wants lawmakers to cut at least $610 billion from Medicaid and more than $192 billion from food stamps over a decade. "Come on. That doesn't add up", Roberts said. "I'm sure all of us would be".

Look for Democrats to highlight this split by pushing Republicans to vote up or down on the overall budget plan and separately on Ivanka's proposal.

How does this fit with the rest of the president's budget?

- A $40.4 billion reduction over the next decade in spending on the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Creditby requiring the use of a social security number to claim the credit-a change that targets undocumented working parents by eliminating their ability to claim the credit even when their children are citizens. He noted that "the mandatory part of the budget, of spending, is rapidly growing while the discretionary appropriated accounts are dwindling". The latest string of controversies swirling around the President and his administration with the multiple Russian Federation investigations may make some in the GOP opt to steer clear of proposals that are pushed personally by Trump.

  • Larry Hoffman