Trump says he had 'a fantastic meeting' with the Pope

It's nearly like a religious leader might resent the amoral monster in the White House.

For his part, Trump gave Francis some books. Named "Rising Above", the White House says it "represents hope for a peaceful tomorrow".

However, the two men had a reportedly friendly meeting overall, with Trump smiling and frequently saying "thank you very much" to remarks and advice from Pope Francis.

"He is something", the president later said of his host.

The two leaders had a spat a year ago when Trump was still a Republican contender for the presidency.

The Pope's gift left no questions about its symbolism, presenting President Trump with an olive tree medal crafted by a Roman artist that the Pope said symbolizes peace. Trump responded: "Well I'll be reading them".

The president's prior anti-Muslim rhetoric - including his musing that Islam "hates" the West - is the antithesis of what the pope has been preaching about a need for dialogue with Muslims.

Police said in a statement Wednesday that the officers allowed the action to proceed for "a few moments" given the peaceable nature of the protest.

POTUS told the Pope it's "a very great honour". Trump's administration, meanwhile, is reviewing policies related to climate change and the reduction of green gasses.

US President Donald Trump met Pope Francis at the Vatican on Wednesday in a keenly anticipated face-to-face encounter between two world leaders who have clashed repeatedly.

Wednesday's meeting nevertheless provided a reminder of their differences in style, Trump arriving at the Vatican in a jumbo-sized SUV that couldn't have been further removed from the modest Fiats and Fords Francis prefers.

Francis smiled faintly as he greeted Trump outside the study and was not as gregarious as he sometimes is with visiting heads of state. The red leather-bound booklets to some degree define his papacy and priorities.

According to an interview he gave previous year, Trump is 1.88 metres tall (six foot two inches) and weighs 107 kilos (235 pounds).

Mr Trump's gift for Francis was wrapped in a big blue box. These are books from Martin Luther King. "I won't forget what you said". "I hope so", he said.

It was not just the comparison between Trump and Obama meeting the Pope that had Twitter's attention.

As with the Vatican meeting, the European Union talks are also set against an awkward backdrop.

Despite their whistle stop tour of Rome, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, one of the President's senior advisers managed to find time to sample some of the Eternal City's delights.

The two men then posed for photograghs and the pope kept a stern face while Trump beamed for the cameras.

Trump was accompanied for the audience by his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka, both dressed all in black, in keeping with traditional protocol that is no longer always observed by all female dignitaries visiting the Vatican.

"We can use peace", Trump said. During his trip to Riyadh, the President issued a forceful call denouncing religious extremism, something the Pope did during his recent visit to Egypt.

The protection of persecuted Christians was a major point on the campaign trail for Trump, who vowed to make it a cornerstone of US foreign policy, and it's also emerged as a major theme for Francis, who repeatedly has referred to a "vast ecumenism of blood" shared by new Christian martyrs from all denominations.

  • Zachary Reyes