Trump calls Manchester attack perpetrators 'evil losers'

They would think that's a great name.

President Trump condemned the Manchester bombing as the cowardly act of "evil losers in life".

In a press conference from Bethlehem, US President Donald Trump offered his prayers for the people of Manchester following the deadly explosion at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night. I will call them from now on losers, because that's what they are.

The phrase "evil losers" was Trump's own idea, a senior White House official said, adding he went over it with his team Tuesday morning at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem before delivering the speech.

Greater Manchester Police chief constable Ian Hopkins, confirmed the attack was carried out by one man although detectives were still trying to establish if he "was acting alone or as part of a network".

"Our society can have no tolerance for this continuation of bloodshed".

This is not the first time a terrorist attack has coincided with a foreign trip of a US president. 59 people were injured, and numerous casualties were children.

"The terrorists and extremists, and those who give them aid and comfort, must be driven out from our society forever", said Trump, speaking after a meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. This wicked ideology must be obliterated, and I mean completely obliterated.

"Meeting you in the White House earlier this month given us hope... and optimism of the possibility to make the long-standing dream of lasting peace come true", the Palestinian leader said, who is keen to convince the unpredictable president of the importance of creating an independent Palestinian state.

President Trump said that it's absolutely atrocious that these "beautiful young people were just going about and enjoying their life" while these utter "losers in life" killed them. Life must be protected.

Mr Trump is widely viewed in Israel and the wider Middle East as far more sympathetic to Israeli interests than his predecessor Barack Obama.

  • Zachary Reyes