Trump Asked Intelligence Officials to Push Back on FBI Russia Probe

Looking back as part of their effort to uncover the details of the 2016 Russian Federation operation, USA investigators now realize the GRU officer's boast was the first indication they had from their sources that Russian Federation wasn't just hacking US email accounts to collect intelligence, but was actually planning to interfere in the vote, several senior intelligence officials told TIME. And while Trump praised chief of staff Reince Priebus after the House passed a health care bill last week, associates say the president has continued to raise occasional questions about Priebus' leadership in the West Wing. The letter also narrows the scope of the documents the panel is seeking.

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The top Democrat on the committee, Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina.

America's leading newspapers and television networks are unloading like never before on the coming Trump-Mueller battle while the US President is said to be close to finalising a crack team of lawyers for the rocky weeks and months of revelations up ahead.

Flynn's attorneys had argued the request was too broad, saying if he complied, he would effectively be providing testimony that could be used against him.

Congress invokes the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which would make Vice President Mike Pence the acting president if Trump were "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office".

A potential complication for Kasowitz is that former senator Joseph Lieberman, Trump's leading candidate to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is now a senior counsel at his firm. Flynn has refused to hand over that information.

Earlier this month, Rogers revealed that the U.S. also warned France about Russian cyberactivity prior to the hack of then-presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. To pursue particularly sensitive targets, like political figures, they must get approval from top Justice Department officials.

Trump has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, and railed against the investigations into his campaign's alleged ties to Russian Federation.

Then the Times reported Trump, in an Oval Office meeting, bragged to Russia's foreign minister and ambassador to the US that firing Comey relieved Trump of "great pressure" in the Russian Federation investigation.

Brennan was President Barack Obama's Central Intelligence Agency director.

Mueller also visited FBI headquarters and discussed with the counter intelligence agents, who have been involved in the investigation of Russia's meddling in the US elections since last July.

But Brennan says that FBI investigation is "well-founded".

One of the sources told the news network that part of Mueller's investigation is expected to focus on obstruction of justice.

"I have worked in a White House that's under investigation". Imagine his reaction if he found out that Hillary Clinton had interfered with an investigation in this manner.

If you still support Trump after all that has gone on, I can only question your intelligence. He shared highly classified information with them.

Coats served as a U.S. Senator from IN from 1989-1999, then from 2011-2017, before he was nominated and confirmed as national intelligence director IN March.

Halfway through his trip overseas, Washington remains fixated on whether Trump's interference in the Russian Federation investigation has imperiled the future of his presidency.

The protest votes will not change the course of Mandelker's nomination.

Former CIA Director John Brennan says Russia has a history of trying to "suborn individuals" and he anxious last summer about the number of contacts Russian officials were having with Americans.

I've long cautioned that, though we don't know for sure, there may be no there there when it comes to these murky allegations about Donald Trump having "colluded" with Russian Federation. Brennan says he told the head of the FSB that if Russian Federation continued to interfere, it would backfire and prevent any warming of relations.

"As the president's principal intelligence adviser, I'm fortunate to be able and need to spend a significant amount of time with the president discussing national security interests and intelligence as it relates to those interests", Coats said.

The FBI is reportedly looking at the activities of several individuals associated with the Trump campaign, including former campaign chair Paul Manafort and two advisers, Roger Stone and Carter Page.

Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores told the Post ethics officials had reviewed the case and "determined that Mr. Mueller's participation in the matters assigned to him is appropriate".

According to the report, President Trump asked the Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats and Michael Rogers, the Director of the National Security Agency to deny the existence of any kind of evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

Coats declined to comment during a Senate armed services committee hearing Tuesday, that had been previously scheduled. I faced great pressure because of Russian Federation.

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