Timeline of events revealed in deadly Times Square pedestrian crash

An 18-year-old tourist from MI was killed and her 13-year-old sister was among the 22 injured, four of them critically. "There's still three that are in critical condition and there is one that is very critical and she is a 38-year-old woman from Canada", NYPD Chief of Manhattan South Detectives William Aubry said.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told WNYC Radio Friday that Rojas had "demonstrated mental health issues going back to childhood" that "went unaddressed even during the time he was in the U.S. military".

Law enforcement officials say he told police he was hearing voices.

Alyssa Elsman, from Portage, Michigan, died and 23 people were struck by the auto before it was stopped by a security barrier.

Richard Rojas, 26, is charged with second-degree murder, aggravated vehicular homicide and multiple counts of attempted murder.

"I wanted to kill them", during his arrest, and also said he heard "voices", according to the United States media.

New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill said preliminary information revealed that Rojas had been arrested in the past and two of those arrests were due to driving while intoxicated. "Because I don't want them to get hurt and then when I turned around, I saw him down on the ground".

"I jumped. I was shaken", said Sabater.

He spent his final months in the Navy at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida, before being discharged in 2014 as the result of a special court martial, a Navy official said. Police said Rojas accelerates as he turns onto the sidewalk and starts to strike down the first pedestrians.

Elsman, who died instantly, was a college student and worked at a restaurant.

Investigators were searching his Bronx home and canvassing the crime scene for video.

A vehicle rests on a security barrier in New York's Times Square after driving through a crowd of pedestrians, injuring at least a dozen people, Thursday, May 18, 2017.

"I felt so bad. standing there", not being able to do anything more to help, she said.

The vehicle went flying and also caught fire when it struck the stanchion along the sidewalk at 45th Street. "I wanted to kill them", NY newspapers reported.

She graduated from Portage Central High School.

The sidewalks in many parts of Times Square and surrounding blocks are lined with metal posts created to prevent cars from getting onto the sidewalks and other public areas.

The incident occurred around lunchtime at the crowded Times Square in the heart of Manhattan and among the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

  • Leroy Wright