Syria burning 50 bodies per day after Mass Execution

The war has killed as many as 400,000 people since 2011, contributed to Europe's worst refugee crisis since World War II and enabled the Islamic State group to emerge as a global terrorism threat.

" Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has carried out these atrocities and others seemingly with the unconditional support from Russian Federation and Iran, his main backers", he said in a special State Department briefing on Monday.

The State Department released commercial satellite photos showing what it described as a building in the prison complex that was modified to support the crematorium.

Jones added that "these atrocities have been carried out seemingly with the unconditional support from Russian Federation and Iran", later clarifying that he wasn't saying either country has participated in the activities at the crematorium. Multiple sources report the regime is killing as many as 50 detainees per day at Sednaya alone.

The government of President Bashar Assad has always been accused of killing thousands of prisoners and burying them in mass graves. Between 5,000 and 13,000 people were executed at Sednaya in the four years since a popular uprising descended into war, it said. They are taken to the grounds of the prison, where they are hanged, likely unaware of their fate until they feel the noose around their neck, Amnesty alleged. "What we're assessing is that if you have that level of production of mass murder, then using the crematorium would...allow the regime to manage that number of corpses...without evidence", Jones explained.

"We're not going to signal what we're going to do and what we're not going to do", Jones said, but he added that the United States would "bring evidence forward to the worldwide community".

However, Jones said that the images, along with other information collected from various humanitarian and intelligence agencies, suggested as much, including images of snow melting from the roof of the facility due to heat.

"Simply put, the killing and devastation has gone on for far too long in Syria", Nauert said.

Jones said Washington's information came from credible humanitarian agencies and from the USA "intelligence community". Numerous bodies, it said, are then being burned in the crematorium.

Jones said that the Assad government, in his words, "has treated opposition forces and unarmed civilians as one and the same - committing widespread violations of worldwide law, including the law of armed conflict and human rights law". It is believed Assad's regime kidnapped more than 100,000 people during that time.

"The regime holds as many as 70 prisoners in Saydnaya in cells that have a five-person capacity".

The allegations about the crematorium are akin to accusations about the use of chemical weapons against the opposition. Given these abuses, "Russia must now with greater urgency exercise its influence", Jones said.

Meslet, in Geneva for the talks, told Saudi-owned TV station al-Hadath that the government was known to move prisoners around from site to site for interrogations and, in some instances, "executions".

While the recently declassified photos do show a building that could be construed as a crematorium, they do not provide absolute proof that this is the building's true goal.

  • Leroy Wright