Saudi Kingdom Stronger against Terrorism after Summits with Trump

US President Donald Trump on Sunday urged Muslim countries to deny sanctuary to extremists and called for the worldwide isolation of Iran, which he accused of fuelling "sectarian conflict and terror".

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has criticized a summit of Muslim countries that was attended by U.S. President Donald Trump, calling the meeting in Saudi Arabia a "a show with no meaning".

According to USA Today, Donald Trump said: "Saudi Arabia and numerous countries that gave vast amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation want women as slaves and to kill gays".

"Muslim nations must be willing to take on the burden if we are going to defeat terrorism and send its wicked ideology into oblivion", Trump said.

During the speech, Trump implored Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries to extinguish "Islamic extremism" in the region, describing a "battle between good and evil" rather than a clash between the West and Islam.

President Trump's keynote speech to more than 40 leaders of Muslim nations takes him into risky territory. The US president flew to Israel on Monday after a two-day stay in Saudi Arabia, which he chose for his first foreign trip since taking office in January.

White House officials said they considered Mr. Trump's address to be a counterweight to President Barack Obama's debut speech to the Muslim world in 2009 in Cairo.

"Once again, by his repetitive and baseless claims about Iran, the American president ... tried to encourage the countries of the region to purchase more arms by spreading Iranophobia", foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said.

"This is a battle between good and evil", Trump said.

Trump on Sunday - in a stark departure from his rhetoric as both candidate and president - dispensed with his use of "radical Islamic terrorism", a term critics argue demonizes Muslims.

"This is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and decent people, all in name of religion".

Trump embraced a subtle but significant phrase "Islamist extremism" in his speech. Much of the focus during the summit was on countering what Gulf states see as the threat from Iran, which opposes Saudi Arabia in a range of regional conflicts from Syria to Yemen.

King Salman said he is committed to stamping out the Daesh group and other terrorist organizations.

Mr Trump said the story is another one the news media has gotten wrong.

  • Leroy Wright