Nicole Scherzinger & Cole Prattes Perform DIRTY DANCING Preview on DWTS

The network will be airing a remake of the '80s pop culture phenomenon "Dirty Dancing".

Will ABC's remake of a beloved film be as well received as the original production?

Prattes echoed her statement, adding that they are "not changing the DNA" of the film and instead are "adding something to it".

The original film came out 30 years ago, in 1987, introducing a generation of enamored fans to both of its lead stars. Debra Messing (Outside Mullingar) plays Baby's mother Marjorie Houseman (originated by Kelly Bishop). Are you excited for the remake? Yet the new version compensates for that, somewhat, with a more fleshed-out relationship between Baby's parents and fun casting around the fringes - Tony Roberts as the resort's proprietor, Billie Dee Williams as the band leader and best of all, Katey Sagal as the "camp cougar". Although Grey was offered a role she explained why she turned it down. "But for me, it would be sacrosanct for me to do it because it didn't feel appropriate to me", Grey told The Hollywood Reporter a year ago.

On last night's Season Finale of DANCING WITH THE STARS, Season 10 champion Nicole Scherzinger returned to the ballroom to perform "Do You Love Me" with her DIRTY DANCING co-star Colt Prattes. But ABC'S "Dirty Dancing" remake fits snugly in a box, adding just enough appealing wrinkles to its predecessor's familiar moves to provide, if not the time of your life, for what it is a pretty enjoyable few hours.

  • Salvatore Jensen