Mueller briefed on secret Comey memos, source says

But he did note that he considers Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, one of the officials to whom Trump reportedly made the request, to be "a very straightforward individual". The possibilities of impeachment of Donald Trump is taking over his first official foreign trip.

That's according to current and former intelligence officials who spoke to The Washington Post.

Last week, the committee asked for recordings and documents from the White House related to Trump's conversations with Comey, whom Trump fired on May 9.

"There have been so many lies, so many contradictions", Cummings said, adding that he expects parallel investigations from Congress to proceed fully after the Justice Department last week appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to head an investigation into possible Russian coordination with the Trump campaign. "With so many Trump administration officials potentially tangled up in this investigation and lawyering up all over Washington, such a recusal rule could make it extremely hard for the special prosecutor to hire a staff". Whether the White House knew that it was breaking the law by trying to interfere in a criminal investigation or if the president is too clueless to understand what obstruction of justice means, it makes little difference. According to one that the New York Times surfaced last week, Trump allegedly asked Comey to end the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into his ousted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who has come under scrutiny for failing to disclose foreign business dealings and contacts. The shortly after former FBI director James Comey announced the investigation into any links between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation. Right-wing talk star Laura Ingraham mocked the senator's quip about a cloud lingering over the White House.

"The president feels as if he is hamstrung in his ability to work with Russian Federation to find areas of cooperation because this has been obviously so much in the news", said McMaster, who was present at the meeting.

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"The problem wasn't so much asking them to issue statements, it was asking them to issue false statements about an ongoing investigation", a former senior intelligence official said of the request to Coats.

Ultimately, Trump made a decision to nominate Coats, rather than Rogers. When asked about the report, a spokesperson for Coats also declined comment to the Washington Post. But the White House may not be able to hide behind "anonymous individuals" for long. They're protesting what they say is Trump administration's slow cooperation on the Russian Federation investigations.

"We work through a process that I can not specifically describe here today".

Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, wrote on Twitter on Monday that Comey now wanted to speak to Mueller before he gives public testimony and that a hearing scheduled for Wednesday next week had been postponed.

The poll also found 59 percent of voters believed that Trump indeed asked Comey to put an end to the probe into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's connections with Russian Federation. But by defending his "absolute right", Trump seemed to inadvertently acknowledge that he had, in fact, done exactly what The Post said he did.

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