Manchester Arena terror attack: Donald Trump calls culprits evil losers

But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who spoke before Mr. Trump, fiercely criticized Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, saying he hopes he heeds the moral principles the USA president has laid out on this trip.

Trump called on all countries to unite in the fight against terrorism and proclaimed: "This wicked ideology must be obliterated".

Trump heads to Europe from Israel on Tuesday after spending four days in the Middle East.

The US has never recognised Israeli sovereignty over the territory occupied, including east Jerusalem, which the Palestinians want to make the capital of a future independent state.

He said an agreement with Israel could "begin a process of peace all throughout the Middle East".

"Our fundamental problem is with the occupation and settlements and the failure of Israel to recognize the state of Palestine", Abbas said.

Speaking alongside Abbas, Trump condemned the "evil losers" behind the attack. More than 20 people were killed by an apparent suicide bomber. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

"[Mahmoud Abbas] assures me he is ready to help me reach that goal", said Trump at a press conference with the Palestinian president, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "has promised the same". "Their demands are humane and just, and I call on the Israeli government to respond to these legitimate humanitarian demands", said Abbas.

To get to Bethlehem from Jerusalem, Trump's motorcade passed through streets lined with heavily armed security forces and an opening in Israel's towering separation barrier, a visual reminder of the complexities of the conflict in the region. More than a decade ago, Israel built a separation barrier in the West Bank, saying it is a defense against Palestinian militants who carried out deadly attacks. Palestinians say the barrier is a land grab because it slices off 10 percent of the West Bank.

President Donald Trump is visiting Israel's national Holocaust memorial, the Yad Vashem, in Jerusalem.

After Israel and the Palestinian territories, Trump will head to the Vatican, and to Brussels and Italy for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and G7 meetings.

Trump's visit to Jerusalem has been laden with religious symbolism. The family was separated by gender.

Twitteratis were also quick to make comparison with former President and First Lady.

"This city, like no other place in the world, reveals the longing of the human heart - to know and worship God", said Trump.

The visit raised questions about whether the USA would indicate the site is Israeli territory.

Netanyahu has expressed tentative support for parts of the initiative, but there are many caveats on the Israeli side, including how to resolve the ever more complex refugee issue and whether Israel would withdraw from the Golan Heights, strategic territory that Israel took from Syria in the 1967 war.

The White House struggled to answer the question.

The US president had previously walked away from supporting a two-state solution.

"So you have another story wrong", he told reporters. -Israeli intelligence cooperation is "terrific". He also faces difficulties at home, where he is struggling to contain a scandal after firing James Comey as Federal Bureau of Investigation director two weeks ago.

"I am truly hopeful that America can help Israel and the Palestinians forge peace and bring new hope to the region and its people", Trump said, reading from prepared remarks.

During a February 2017 visit to the White House by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump indicated that he was open to a one or two state solution, "I'm looking at two-state and one-state and I like the one that both parties like". "It won't be simple".

But Trump departed for Europe having offered no real indication of a path forward on one of the world's most intractable disputes.

Given the pressure his young presidency is under in Washington, analysts have praised famously off-the-cuff Trump's careful sticking to script so far on his maiden overseas tour.

  • Leroy Wright