'Joker' arrested after pointing gun at passing vehicles, police say

The Joker got busted.

A man who must have a real thing for the comic and movie nemesis of the Dark Knight was picked up by the cops Tuesday in southwest Miami-Dade.

Officers identified him as 29-year-old Lawrence Patrick Sullivan.

The wannabe Batman villain was arrested after witnesses called police to report a person with green hair and facial tattoos menacing the vehicles with a gun.

The officer questioned Sullivan while conducting a pat-down. Sullivan has dyed his hair green and covered himself in tattoos reminiscent of the "Joker" character from "Suicide Squad" and, of course, the "Batman" comics.

Sullivan was charged with carrying a concealed firearm, but got no charge for his fashion sense.

He reportedly found a Smith & Wesson.380 in one of Sullivan's pockets and placed him under arrest. Another tattoo, on the right side of his forehead, features the Batman logo pierced by a knife with the words "fuck Batman" scrolled across the wings.

Sullivan, who was listed as a "tattoo model" on the arrest report, was booked into jail where he was being held on $5,000 bond Wednesday, jail records showed. No word on if Harley Quinn was arranging bail.

  • Larry Hoffman