Iran's President Advises Saudi Arabia to Gain Power Through Ballot Boxes

Iranians yearning for detente overseas and greater freedoms at home have handed President Hassan Rouhani a second term, but the hard-line forces he defeated in elections Friday will remain defiantly opposed to his plans. We've talked with Netanyahu on this program.

It's a pronounced break with his predecessor, Barack Obama, who worked while in office to engage Tehran hoping to bring about the same goal of peace. Whilst some have concluded headline making deals, including Boeing, Airbus and French oil major Total, and small to medium sized retailers and traders have cautiously entered the market, many others have waited, constrained by the reluctance of tier one financial institutions to support trade or investment in Iran and concerns about the involvement of sanctioned entities in the economy.

"The problem is that the Americans do not know our region and those who advise United States officials are misleading them".

"We had an awesome two days and their feeling towards Israel is really very positive", he said of his trip to Riyadh.

The reemphasis on traditional U.S. alliances here has drawn broad welcome from Arab and Israeli leaders, who offered outsized praise for Trump despite few details for his plans moving forward.

Trump, who arrived in Israel Monday afternoon after three days in Saudi Arabia on his first trip overseas as president, held meetings with Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin Monday, along with various diplomatic staff and advisers.

A declaration from Iran's interior minister yesterday sealed Rouhani's victory and launched celebrations in the streets of Tehran and elsewhere in the country.

"If you know of a case where America acted correctly, you tell me". "And there are many things that can happen now that could never have happened before", Trump said.

On May 17, the State Department said it was adding new sanctions. And it's really too big to isolate in the Middle East. He declared to Muslim political leaders in Riyadh that any attempt to engage Iran's government was misguided and could produce further instability.

Iran was waiting until after the May 20 election to hold its first global auction of oil-development rights, and "the fact that Rouhani won as a reformist who delivered the nuclear deal and promised to bring in foreign investment would suggest that there is support for things like the oil contracts", according to Patrick Murphy, a partner at law firm Clyde & Co.

Trump's uncompromising line on Iran was enthusiastically welcomed by his Sunni hosts, Iran's bitter regional rival Saudi Arabia.

"They're working together extremely cooperatively, and also working incredible well with Israel". "I've heard its one of the toughest deals of all".

Tillerson claimed he wants Rouhani to "begin a process of dismantling Iran's network of terrorism, dismantling its financing of the terrorist network, dismantling of the manning and the logistics and everything that they provide to these destabilizing forces that exist in this region".

  • Zachary Reyes