Eurovision 2017: Portugal takes home top prize for the first time

Portugal is the longest running Eurovision contestant never to have won the competition.

Portugal have won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in the competition's history.

Francesco Gabbani of Italy had led bookmakers' tallies for many days leading up to the final, but he ended up placing sixth even though his act seemed the epitome of Eurovision's cheerfully tacky aesthetics - singing a driving number about spirituality while accompanied by someone in a gorilla suit.

Once the voting window, closed the presenters called upon spokespersons in all 42 countries and ask them to reveal their jury points live on air.

Avdiivka, located in the province of Donetsk, is one of the flashpoints of the conflict which has engulfed the country's east, where the Ukrainian military has clashed with Russian-backed separatists. Samoylova has already been announced as Russia's Eurovision candidate for 2018.

Firebrace was selected by the broadcaster SBS and Australia's Eurovision delegation to perform; Nissen competed for her entry by winning the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, a national music competition in Denmark which is used to select the Eurovision entrant.

"You have to make the most of every opportunity no matter how big the stage is", Firebrace said. From the Eurovision victor 2017 to the last placed finisher, here's all you need to know.

Although we had an official city announcement today, we had no venue announcement today.

"But tonight, is our final night, shortly IBA will shut down its broadcasting forever, so on behalf of all of us here in IBA, let me say thank you Europe for all the magical moments and the handsome years". His song became one of the favorites following the first semifinal.

  • Leroy Wright