Dan Coats Says ISIS Threat Is Real; No Comment On Russia Investigation

Many pundits, myself included, wrote that Trump was normalizing. While many are convinced that the Fed will still likely raise interest rates, uncertainty within the USA presidency has now spilled into economic forecasts.

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who had been Comey's deputy until Comey was sacked, testified under oath to the Senate Intelligence Committee on May 11, "There has been no effort to impede our investigation".

Subsequently, reports emerged that Trump in several conversations with Comey had asked for his personal loyalty, which Comey declined to offer.

The obstruction story surfaced soon after Trump fired Comey, which suggests Comey or his friends are seeking revenge.

Wittes says he made a decision to speak out about discussions he had with Comey about his contact with Trump because of one recent report of Trump's request for a pledge of loyalty at a dinner shortly after he took office.

In the process Trump burned Israel, which had provided the information, and risked exposing an invaluable source of intelligence on Islamic State.

Meanwhile, Comey's counterattack unfolded.

At a second congressional hearing, former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan told lawmakers, "It should be clear to everyone that Russian Federation brazenly interfered in our 2016 presidential election process and that they undertook these activities despite our strong protests, and explicit warning that they not do so".

Asked whether The Post report was accurate, Mr Coats declined to comment, citing his role as a key briefer of the president on national security issues.

"I very much appreciate what you've said", Feinstein said to Grassley.

Comey documented the conversation in a contemporaneous memorandum that he distributed to his confidants.

Trump has read reports and recommendations from the interviews and met with a few leading candidates himself, a senior White House official has told CNN.

The preparations inside the West Wing mimic what other White Houses have done when facing prolonged controversies/ They also signal a change inside the Trump White House: While the president and his acolytes swept into office pledging to shake up Washington, they are now looking backward to glean guidance from how Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton handled controversy. They seem like the actions of a man who is only beginning to figure out how a president is supposed to behave. Impeachment still is a long shot in a Congress so firmly dominated by the president's own party.

The president knew full well that Michael Flynn was under investigation, possibly criminal investigation, for sharing information with the Russians.

All the while, some Republicans have found themselves asking over and over: But what about collusion? Let us hope this is not just a temporary aberration, as was the case when the "Access Hollywood" videotape was released in October, with craven partisans first unendorsing and then re-endorsing Trump. And while Trump praised chief of staff Reince Priebus after the House passed a health care bill last week, associates say the president has continued to raise occasional questions about Priebus' leadership in the West Wing. Just who in this country doesn't know better?

"My answer would require me to reveal classified information, and so I can't answer that", said former acting attorney general Sally Yates in the same setting.

Trump has been in office only 121 days, but he has already overstayed his welcome.

Well, if the last week is any indication, his temper is only getting worse.

  • Zachary Reyes