City player kicked a man in the head

The 21-year-old is on holiday in his native Belgium after the end of the Premier League season and has admitted being involved, although says it was purely in a defensive manner.

In a statement released by his management company, Denayer said: "Of course I regret to have been caught up in a conflict that was not mine to begin with".

Jason Denayer was filmed kicking a man in the head during a brawl outside a bar in Brussels in the early hours of Sunday morning.

"It can be perceived as aggressive, but it is clearly a defensive response from Jason", he told HLN.

'His reaction was one of panic and protection.

"Jason had two days off this weekend, with permission of his club".

'He chose to go out for a night with his best friends, but when he left the nightclub it went wrong. Jason wanted to stop the violence.

'Jason stepped calmly to his auto, which is down the street when he heard a sudden noise behind him. When he turned around, he saw that his friend got caught up in a brawl.

"Only when he saw his friend was really beaten-up, he made a decision to react". He ran to his vehicle. He is in shock after what happened.

The player's manager confirmed it was Denayer in the video and that it was in defense of a friend. "Jason didn't have any malice in him".

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