Chris Bosh Reaches Deal to Part Ways With Miami Heat

Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat are moving towards a resolution that will allow his salary to come off their salary cap without concern of it returning going forward.

Both the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Miami Herald reported that the sides were in talks Tuesday. His first two seasons were cut short in mid-February after occurrences with blood clots and he was not cleared by Heat doctors prior to the start of last season after a review of his blood result tests leading up to training camp.

The agreement would permanently remove all of Bosh's $52.1 million in remaining salary from Miami's cap, regardless of whether or not he plays again in the National Basketball Association.

The sides have been at odds because Bosh has shown an interest in playing, while the Heat didn't want him to play because they didn't want his salary to count against their salary cap. This agreement is expected to remove Bosh from the cap and allow the Heat to move on with their team. The new CBA, which takes effect July 1, has new policies for evaluating player health, partially because of Bosh's situation. Under the CBA that's set to expire June 30th, had Bosh returned to play at any time, his salary would've immediately returned to the Heat's books once he played in 25 games.

Under the new CBA, a panel of doctors selected by the league and the association would determine whether a player with a potentially life-threatening medical condition would be cleared to play.

Bosh, now 33 years old, has remained hopeful that he can find a way to play for another team in the near future.

  • Julie Sanders