Charles Barkley changes tune: Dwyane Wade carried Shaquille O'Neal in 2006

There's a reason Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley sit on opposite ends of the table.

Well, after Game 4 of the Cavs-Celtics Eastern Conference Finals on Tuesday night, O'Neal went back to the topic of Barkley not knowing what it takes to win championships: "You have no idea what we're talking about, because you've only been to the Finals once".

Better TV than the actual National Basketball Association playoffs.

Barkley then threatened, "I'm gonna throw one of these chicken wings at your fat ass".

"Doesn't matter, Chuck", O'Neal said.

Things got back to normal, but I wonder how long this will last, since I've always felt that there was tension between the two.

While eating some chicken wings, Shaq started to dig at Charles' lack of Finals' appearance in fun nature, when Chuck fired back by saying Shaq only won his Championships because he rode the coat tails of Kobe, D-Wade & Alonzo Mourning.

Ernie Johnson, ever the mediator, finally chimed in: "Why did that get so personal when we're talking about Game 5?"

"Don't interrupt me, Chuck", Shaq said.

Later in the argument, O'Neal told Barkley he would "punch him right in the face" if he kept interrupting him.

The irony is that the Shaq-Barkley moment came in the wake of a solid performance from LeBron James, who had been involved in his own differences with a critical Barkley earlier this season.

"Sometimes", Wade said at the time, "when guys get a microphone in front of their face, they just talk and talk and talk and forget about their history".

  • Julie Sanders