Blake Farenthold just said something deeply irresponsible about Seth Rich's murder

Upon appropriate review, the article was found not to meet those standards and has since been removed. He lashed out today with another conspiracy theory.

"'s media buy strategies are created to reach as many consumers as possible across a wide spectrum of media channels", a spokesperson said in a statement to BuzzFeed News when asked about Hannity's pushing the conspiracy theory.

CNN hosts John Berman and Poppy Harlow quoted Brennan's testimony, to which Farenthold responded, "there you go taking the worst possible spin".

"We know that Seth's personal email and his personal computer were both inspected by detectives early in the investigation and that the inspection revealed no evidence of any communications with anyone at WikiLeaks or anyone associated with WikiLeaks".

"I feel so badly for this family and what they have been through", Hannity said on his radio show on Tuesday afternoon. But, he tweeted soon afterwards: "Ok TO BE CLEAR, I am closer to the TRUTH than ever. Updates when available. Stay tuned!" Which is more credible to you? But Rich's family tells the Washington Post that they believe Kim's story may have hinged on a hacking attempt gone awry. Which, on its face, is ridiculous.

That seems unlikely, given the appointment of former Federal Bureau of Investigation director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, which many believe to be extensive and some think could be criminal. His family denies that and no evidence has emerged to back up the claim, which has been the subject of conspiracy theories.

Last week, Rich's family called on Fox to retract stories based on unfounded allegations that Rich was targeted because he was a source for WikiLeaks and threatened legal action. As host of Fox News" "Hannity, ' he has used his platform to advocate for authoritarian tactics toward the press, defend Trump's obstruction of the investigation into collusion between the president's associates and Russian Federation, and attack judges who have ruled against Trump's Muslim bans.

What that forgets is this: Two parents lost a son. That's hard enough. To watch his death transformed into a political football must be excruciating.

  • Larry Hoffman