Aguilar Responds to Trump Budget Request

A Trump administration official called the release of the president's 2018 budget proposal a fulfillment of promises.

Republican leaders in the House said lawmakers would be able to find common ground with the budget plan. Trump's budget, he said, "does not reflect the appropriate allocation of funds to get our country back on sound fiscal footing".

That legislative proposal also proposes that states cover up to 25 percent of the cost of SNAP programs over the next 10 years, which would ultimately cut about $190 million from the program. But this time, helping to throw dirt on the deal were even members of his own party who face little political risk but who nevertheless recoiled at the severity of some of the cuts to popular programs, including Medicaid, food stamps and medical research.

The organization knows firsthand that President Trump's proposed budget, if passed, would have a huge effect in this part of NY.

David Stockman, former President Ronald Reagan's budget director, said on his blog that since Trump has taken major tax deductions like mortgage interest and charitable giving off the table, the assumption that deep rate cuts will be offset isn't justified.

Other cuts are planned for federal workers' pensions and higher contributions toward those pension benefits, as well as trimming refundable tax credits paid to the working poor.

"We can finally turn the page on the Obama era of bloated budgets that never balance", Ryan said.

On Tuesday, the White House released the Trump Administration's budget which covered 1,200 pages and included increased spending for infrastructure, defense and border security, as promised in a March outline.

"The president believes that we must restore the greatness of our nation and reject the failed status quo that has left the American dream out of reach for too many families", the administration said in its budget which was titled, "The New Foundation for American Greatness".

In his introductory message in the budget, Trump wrote that "to unleash the power of American work and creativity - and drive opportunity and faster economic growth - we must reprioritize Federal spending so that it advances the safety and security of the American people".

The proposal projects that this year's deficit will rise to $603 billion, up from the actual deficit of $585 billion last year.

"T$3 he proposal to shift the air traffic control function to an independent non-governmental organization beginning in 2021, with a cap reduction in discretionary spending of $72.8 billion, and a reduction in aviation excise taxes of $115.6 billion", the budget says.

Unless Trump is able to rally broader support and win more funding for construction in another fiscal year, his plans for a "big attractive wall" that he promised during his election campaign last year may not be realized, the aides said.

Budget watchers like Larry Summers, the treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton, called the budget "simply ludicrous".

But the Trump budget assumes the House bill - with its more than $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid - will be passed into law wholesale.

Two Republican aides in Congress said the modest request is an acknowledgement from the White House that full funding is not realistic given opposition from Freedom Caucus conservatives in the House of Representatives as well as Democrats in the House and the Senate.

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts, the Republican chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, did not comment directly on the 21 percent reduction to Agriculture Department programs, but he issued a statement speaking to his intentions in considering the budget.

It would take those accounts to just 1.7 percent of GDP, a level not seen in decades. "This is probably a prudent place to make some cuts given all the other investments we make in national defence", Spoehr said.

USA funding for global peacekeeping would fall to about $1.5 billion, a cut of over 50 percent from 2017 levels. "But make no mistake - this budget is dead on arrival". But the budget elsewhere anticipates $95 billion in savings from cutting highway funding.

  • Leroy Wright