3 more arrested in Manchester; attacker's Libya ties probed

Georgina, who was studying Health and Social Care, had posted on social media about how much she was looking forward to seeing Ariana Grande perform. She was a very elegant person and absolutely adored my son Jayden and my child I'm expecting now.

"We are sending a signal not just to Manchester, but across the world that you cannot defeat us because love in the end is always stronger than hate".

Twenty-two people were killed and dozens more injured when suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonated a home-made device as fans left a concert by United States star Ariana Grande at Manchester Arena on Monday night.

Salman A. "grew up in Britain and then suddenly, after a trip to Libya and then likely to Syria, became radicalized and made a decision to carry out this attack", Collomb said.

Police on Tuesday staged an armed raid on a Manchester address believed to be where Abedi lived, carrying out a controlled explosion to gain entry after arresting a 23-year-old man as part of the investigation. The terror threat level in Britain has since been raised to its highest point (a first since 2013) by Prime Minister Theresa May who said that a "wider group of individuals" may have been involved in the attack. The government said almost 1,000 soldiers were deployed Wednesday in high-profile sites in London and elsewhere, replacing police, who can work on counter-terrorism duties. The traditional ceremony at the palace is a major tourist attraction in London.

The British parliament said that it was closing its doors to non-passholders and canceled all its tours, events and banquets. Armed police also patrolled outside St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

Britain deployed soldiers to key sites Wednesday and raised its terror alert to the maximum after the Manchester suicide bombing by a local man of Libyan origin who may have been radicalised in Syria.

Abedi's father and elder brother Ismail were active at Disbury Mosque in south Manchester, said a trustee of the mosque, Fawzi Haffar. He declined to give any further details on the investigation.

Officials are probing how often Abedi had traveled to Libya, which has seen an eruption of armed Islamist groups since dictator Moammar Kadaffi was overthrown and killed in 2011.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said the bomber had "likely" been to Syria, citing information provided by British intelligence services to their counterparts in Paris.

Asked if he believed Abedi was supported by a network, Collomb said: "That is not known yet - but maybe".

Manchester was the latest in a series of deadly incidents across Europe claimed by IS jihadists that have coincided with an offensive on the group's redoubts in Syria and Iraq carried out by US, British and other Western forces.

The country's independent Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre concluded, based on the latest information from police and intelligence services, that a further attack remains highly likely and may be imminent, May said.

Rudd also said it was "irritating" that information about the investigation into the bombing had been leaked by USA security sources before the British police were ready to go public with it.

"I have been very clear with our friends that that should not happen again", she said.

A British flag is seen next to flowers after a vigil in Albert Square, Manchester, England, Tuesday May 23, 2017, the day after the suicide attack at an Ariana Grande concert that left 22 people dead as it ended on Monday night. He said some of the reported 59 wounded had been discharged, but that the number of patients being treated had increased due to "walking wounded" who came in hours after the attack.

The decision to seek parliament approval for the extension followed a defense council gathering top security officials during which the Manchester bombing was discussed, Macron's office said in a statement. London Police Commander Jane Connors said the goal is to "make our city as hostile an environment as possible for terrorists to plan and operate". Repeatedly, British officials have said that they're focused on finding out whether the attacker acted alone or with the support of a larger group.

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