Yankees retire Derek Jeter's jersey number

It has been done many times and Monument Park has that Hall of Fame look.

However, Nicholas Parco of the New York Daily News recently noted Major League Baseball said Friday it wants bidding groups to show cash up front before any sale is finalized, "which puts the group led by Tagg Romney, the son of former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, ahead of Jeter's group". With the former captain's No. 2 retired, all single-digit numbers have been put to rest by the Yankees.

That was the day Derek Jeter wanted and appropriate to also honor the Mom and Dad that were instrumental for all of this representation of a class act on and off the field, and with no controversy.

The Yankees will also unveil a plaque for Jeter in Monument Park.

"When Bernie got his, he had the big mole". Andy had the big nose. "I was happy with mine".

He is the team's career leader in hits, games played, at-bats, doubles and stolen bases, and retired as the team's longest run captain.

Jeter made a decision to address the crowd without notes. I didn't want to prepare a speech tonight because whenever I do, if I forget a part of it, none of it makes any sense. Alex Rodriguez was not — spokesman Ron Berkowitz said A-Rod was in Miami, spending time with his mother and daughters.

Anyone would have to find it unusual to catch their own reflection staring back at them the way Jeter looked at his Sunday night at Yankee Stadium, etched forever on a Monument Park plaque, bound forever to hang in the mini-museum behind the Stadium's centerfield fence. Reggie Jackson was on the field in shirt sleeves.

To celebrate Jeter's love for the game, the brand is inviting local community members to participate in a stick ball game they're hosting in the Bronx prior to Sunday's Yankees game. I learned that time flies.

He rode to the infield in a golf cart as Frank Sinatras version of “My Way” was played.

"Everything happened so quickly", Jeter said.

Much RE2PECT on cementing your legacy and having your No. 2 jersey retired.

Girardi has seen Jeter in many different lights, as a teammate, a broadcaster, and now a manager. "When I came here, Jim Leyritz had it".

I was asked recently by someone they was if you could trade places with, one person, who would it be?

Then, Jeter delivered a speech.

Jeter was referring to a premature report by Bloomberg that stated the group he led along with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush had already won the auction to negotiate the purchase of the Marlins.

"There's nothing to report on that". Absolutely nothing, ” he said.

"Celebrate his career on the field and off the field in the community as well, and I think for it to come on Mother's Day, a lot of people will be excited for it", said Brett Gardner.

However, Derek Jeter was one of a kind.

My question to any Boston fan that hates Jeter is why and how can you hate this guy?

  • Julie Sanders