Watch Far Cry 5 Teaser Trailer

Ubisoft will fully reveal Far Cry 5 on Friday 26 May, but in the meantime has released several vignettes showing that the new chapter will be set in the North West of America.

At the time, it was a pretty underwhelming announcement - a logo and the promise of more to come. A focus group participant who claims to have seen Ubisoft's direction for the game over a two-hour period.

The four trailers each show off a different facet of the game's environment, ranging from a natural river, to an out-of-the-way church, to a vast mountain range. And thus, we are welcomed to the fictional Hope County.

The last game in the series was Far Cry Primal past year, although the last numbered entry was 2014's Far Cry 4.

Also remember the teaser image Ubisoft posted up, the one with the Far Cry 5 logo above a blue sky? And while you'd be forgiven for missing any action in the first video, look closer and there's a dead body, face down, floating down stream. Hmm.

If you've played any of the previous games then you'll know that things are never tranquil where a Far Cry title is concerned and that definitely looks like it's going to be the case in Hope County.

They showed us some basic promotional videos featuring a heavily - HEAVILY - religious angle to the evil.

While the trailer leaves us with little information regarding the game's plot, it does match up with a recent leak on Reddit where a poster, hiding under a throwaway account, divulged some information regarding the game's plot.

"The overall feeling I got from the animatic videos we saw is that they're really playing up a sense of dread". Outside of that, we know very litter other than rumors of a western setting.

At the end of the teaser trailer, there is a message advertising the full game reveal this Friday on May 26th.

  • Carolyn Briggs