SNP to insist on Scotland's right to chose Brexit or independence

John Lamont, for the Scottish Conservatives, said: "Labour may pretend that it opposes a second referendum on independence".

It would be "unimaginable" for a Tory UK government to continue to block another independence referendum after the General Election, according to SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson.

"Don't come in on your announced visits, come in the middle of any day, into the middle of any A&E department, come on in and see what we're up against".

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said: "I was sitting alongside Joanna Cherry as she claimed on the BBC that the nurse was the wife of a Tory councillor".

She attacked Ms Davidson for being "obsessed" with independence but it was Ms Sturgeon who was subjected to a furious tirade for "lying" to Scots.

Ms Austin, who was in the live audience during the televised Scottish leaders' debate, took Nicola Sturgeon to task for her handling of the Scottish NHS and claimed she had to use food banks.

Ms Dugdale said at the launch she will adopt the same income tax proposals that the public rejected in the Holyrood elections of past year, in order to invest in public services.

"There's only one poll that counts in any election campaign", she said.

Angus Robertson, the SNP's depute leader, said: "This manifesto launch shows once more Kezia Dugdale's desire to hit the poorest in our society with a bumper tax bill - seeking to raise the tax burden of those on the lowest incomes".

He said: "Ukip is the party of Brexit".

He also stressed: "Ukip is the party of the British Union".

The document, to be revealed in Edinburgh, stated the Labour movement "offers the hope and the contemporary solutions to society's problems".

Ms Austin confirmed that she had appeared on a previous edition of Question Time but had been invited to return for the leader's debate after not being able to ask her question.

She said colleagues were considering leaving nursing, adding: "You have no idea how demoralising it is to work in the NHS".

In her manifesto foreword, Ms Dugdale wrote: "Labour is the only party which knows it is the power of the whole United Kingdom working in partnership which benefits the many, not the few - that is at the root of our belief that together we're stronger".

And in a post on Facebook, which has since been removed from public view, she said she was "truly saddened" by the comments made about her.

"These are the people who put faces to the statistics we read time and time again", said Dugdale. "People want to move on from that".

Ms Cherry, the SNP's justice and home affairs spokesperson at Westminster, was one of the party's representatives in the spin room for the BBC's debate on Sunday.

"It was a disgraceful episode and Nicola Sturgeon and her party should be thoroughly ashamed". It took 15 months for them to write their mental health strategy.

"For the SNP it's always, always about independence".

"The SNP needs to respect the verdict of the majority of Scots in 2014 and abandon its divisive plan to re-run the referendum", it says.

  • Leroy Wright